How fast are you?
 Choose from THREE Obstacle Courses! 
Two opponents dive, jump, and slide their way through one of our obstacle courses! Whoever makes it to the end first wins!
SOLD-Adrenaline Rush-SOLD
30w X 45L 17h
Obstacles Courses
95 ft Radical Run 

Your choice of any 3 pieces - mix and match: 1 for $300, 2 for $500, or 3 for $700. 
(April, May, First two weeks of July can't break up full course)
13' W X 16' H X 95' L


K & M Amusements Inc.
2206 S. Main Suite 2, Maryville, MO 64468
Unit A Dry-  $300
Unit B Dry-  $275
Unit A&B Dry-  $500

65 FOOTER (2 pieces)

Unit A - 31’L x 13’W x 7’H

 Unit B (Slide) - 35’L x 13’W x 16’H

Combined size- 65’L x 13’W x 16’H