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Try getting your three flags to the end, one at a time, while hooked to an opponent with a bungee cord and vest.
20w X 45L X 10h 
See how long you can last on a pedestal while you and your opponent try to knock each other off.
20w X 20d
Rock 'em Sock 'em
Similar to the joust, try and stay on the pedestal while trying to knock your opponent off.
26w X 30d X 6h

Cash Vault
Get in and try to catch money, coupons, or anything else you can think of!
6w X 7d X 10h

Sumo Suits
Put this foam suit on and try to knock your opponent out of the circle first.
12 X 12 Mat

Xtreme Laser Tag
Laser tag is a fun, fast-paced, live-action game played in a large arena. The most common type of laser tag game played is the team game. Players are able to choose teams and compete against others by defending their base and tagging their enemies with their phaser.
35W x 50D x 10H

3 Lane Bungee Run
Experience the rush of competing against TWO other opponents! Feel the pull of the bungee strap as you compete to be the person who places the velcro baton the farthest from the starting point. 
16W X 38L X 10H

Roller Racers
Race around and see who can win!
*Video coming Soon!* 
$100 set of 8
Youth Joust Arena
(for 12 yrs. old and younger)
21' L X 21' W X 8' H
Jacob's Ladder
Race in this dual inflatable climber and feel the joy of reaching the top first! 
20W x 30D x 11H
Volleyball anywhere with net height adjustment or dodgeball with official National Dodgeball Association balls
35W x 50L x 12H
K & M Amusements Inc.
2206 S. Main Suite 2, Maryville, MO 64468
Laser Invader
42'L x 24'W x 9'H

      TOXIC  Human Foosball
             30'L x 20'W x 7'H