K & M Amusements Inc.

Imagine the ultimate slip and slide...this is it!

Start off with the 22 foot high slide then 
Ride the wave with the length measuring 53 feet!

Rent together or separately.
 When separated the slide will have a pool at the end. 

53L X 13W X 22H

 Unit A -  $400.00 
Unit B - $250.00

Water Fun
The Dunk without the Tank!
Safe, Clean, Conserves water, and above all its Fun!!

Played just like a normal Dunk Tank. You throw the balls and try and hit the Circle, if you get the circle the person sitting gets drenched!!
~~ Fun for Everyone ~~ 
The Big Splash creates a fun event which is inclusive to all, anyone who can sit under the 2 gallon bucket can participate! 

The Big Splash
The Tsunami Water Slide
A & B
2206 S. Main Suite 2, Maryville, MO 64468

Tsunami Water Slide
Dunk Tank
4 Water Balloon Launchers 
and Balloon Fill Station 

65 FOOTER (2 pieces)

Unit A - 31’L x 13’W x 7’H

 Unit B (Slide) - 35’L x 13’W x 16’H

Combined size- 65’L x 13’W x 16’H

Unit B Wet (Slide)-  $400
Unit A&B Wet-  $650